"Homes in five sub-counties of Dokolo district have been submerged by the rising water levels of Lake Kwania, making over a thousand families homeless."

Due to unforeseen natural disasters, the flooding of Lake Kwania and excessive rainfall has resulted in flooding in northern Uganda. The effects of the flooding have left many people without shelter and a lack of food. Many people are now forced to leave what they once called “home” in search of safety and a new means of survival. Unfortunately, the aftermath of this flood poses more harm to residents than ever. People are more susceptible to water-borne diseases/infections such as Typhoid, Cholera, and Dysentery. The overflow of water also creates nesting grounds for mosquitoes that cause Malaria

?What does this mean for the residents in Northern Uganda
Means of income such as agriculture, self-employment, and small businesses-
will be lost due to destruction of infrastructure
Food will be scarce-
Children and the elderly are even more susceptible to infections and diseases-